Thursday, February 12, 2009

Through our faith, we live all together in peace


Through our faith, we live all together in peace

Let us show our inner loving bonds, the seed of goodness that exists in us, let us irrigate it by our nature of loving humanity. It is our real choice and freedom, and the path of prophets, both of us believe in heavenly religions, which established goodness, giving, cooperation, and justice for all humanity since the existence of Adam; the father of all human, up to now. The religions' values are still the essence of life; the life cord, and the source of comfort and peace for all humankind. The three religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam wish to spread justice, love, and heartiness among mankind. These three major religions are the apostle. What link between these religions is their aim to bond humanity by love. The civilizations that provide us with the real meaning of how to cohabit together. These were the messages of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, peace be upon them. They wanted the well-being of humanity and they aspired to spread virtues and eliminate injustice and tyranny from the world

Brothers and sisters in humanity, the students of American and European Universities. We agree with these ideals and principles and we believe in them for their similarity in the three religions. We have bonded with one goal and one view represented in purity, goodness, justice, forgiveness, and loving others. moreover, these principle can never be changed, let's live as we were taught, our religion Islam is calling to these beautiful values

Brothers and sisters in humanity,,
We know that each nation has deviated tracks, and we know that evil is found in all nation regardless of its religion, and unfortunately. evil trends emerge from time to time aiming to get the goodness in the human heart. In the other side, we believe that goodness and love are found in all nations regardless of their religions and we are against the attempts of spreading the culture of evil and hate. Therefore, goodness, love, and equality are the bases of religion for Jews, Christians, or Muslims. Thus, will you accept our invitation for unity and to track this light side, and to irrigate our beautiful humanity plant, goodness, love, and peace side among us. We hope to begin here, together, to refuse all the types of hate and evil, and to build bases of cooperation for humanity goodness

Some organizations practice pressures through continuous campaigns to abuse all religions, especially Islam, aiming to achieve political or personal gains. This extreme and unjustified mistake root the reputing and hate, and it is the fuel of enemy for the long run, and classifying culture and ethnics, which should be abhorred by humanity and civilization. These organizations work through all media channels to present many images of hatred and deformation. Let us see together the aims of these campaigns, which might be unknown to others

1- Gaining votes and support in the presidential elections and parliament seats as basic goal on the expense of balancing, wisdom, freedom bases, and without considering the catastrophic results, which might emerge in the future
2- Dividing the world nations into hostile parties, and groups fighting each other and suffering of terrorism dominancy due to the clear injustice through these accused campaigns

3- Spreading the culture of frequent hatred and enmity amongst humankind, closing the doors of mercy, meeting, and cooperation to build fixed bases in all fields.
4- Generalizing the humankind mistakes on wide group of people, including those who claim to uphold peace, which made issues worse and more complicated

5- Ignoring fixed facts related to the rights of living in dignity and freedom without any political or parties influences, which increase the problem
6- Rooting the discriminative view toward the doctrines and rituals of other religions

7- Changing facts regarding Islam and spread it among westerns who lack knowledge regarding the sublime truth of Islam , which is a religion that bears huge love for humankind

8- Adding more fuel of hostility for all what is coming from the west

9- Affecting on decisions makers in the third world countries to practice injustice, and blockout the freedom of thought and beliefs of evil tendency and executing plans, which are against the humanity.

Let's look at all the positions fairly and objectively, our world now fall under hatred force and dominant sources which have a great effect in waging wars and disasters management, killing millions of females, olds, and children without any consideration to injustice and aggression. Where are the media slogans, which call for peace, freedom, and human respect? These campaigns targeted only the racism. These spiritual campaigns for war against fascism is fascist. It doesn't only abhors any mental quite dialogue based on rooting the civilized various religion, culture, and ethnic life but it also fights the wise voices and refuses the wisdom track and the wise situations. It went further through fighting the efforts of meeting, understanding, mutual respect, and accepting the others

We absolutely believe that this strange campaign against Islam is categorized in the frame of competition over the voters and getting all the sorts of support, including the political support, but there is extreme worry against this campaign because of its extremisms and enmity against Islam by eliminating Islamic features. Some of leaders of this campaign considered it as a war in extremist slang sentences, which might be accepted by moderate westerns due to their lack of Islamic principles which calls to freedom and refuses all types of discrimination, injustice, and slavery. These extremist campaigns aim to abstane the merge between cultures, genders that work against the cooperation between peoples; it is a sort of turning the facts up

Let us practice forgiveness, and mercy, which emerged from our great religions, and make them immortal methodology and claims upon the desire of peace messengers, and to see the actions in the logic of the brain which refuses any falseness or obliqueness whatever is the source

Let us unite against injustice and discrimination

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